Le Bouchon Barcelona
Le Bouchon Barcelona

Le Bouchon

Wandering around Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Letting yourself go through its narrow streets and squares, monuments and history. Catching its ambience. Getting close to the picturesque and quiet Lledó Street – the most wanted manor house street on Medieval Barcelona period, placed inside the ancient wall perimeter-. Strike with Le Bouchon, a gastrobar that reinterprets the local neighborhood bars from everyday life, with a personal touch. Come on in, it’s time to enjoy.

Open everyday
From Monday to Sunday,
From 12.30pm to 4.30pm and from 6.30 to 11pm.

Le Bouchon Small rustic restaurant, tavern or bistro.

Bouchon (french):

Object that – made with several materials (mainly cork)- works to close a container (Even better if it’s a wine bottle!).

Small rustic restaurant, tavern or bistro.

There's always a good time
For a glass of wine, some tapas and a conversation


or on the T. 933 107 480

Le Bouchon is Mercer’s gastrobar, Gothic’s Quarter luxury hotel par excellence, placed in a historical building of Barcelona.

With direct access from the central Lledó Street, open to the city and its visitors, this authentic and flirty bistro offers a diverse menu created by chef Xavier Lahuerta:

Classic tapas, traditional plates, imaginative salads, chef’s suggestions, homemade desserts. Dishes with first quality ingredients and made with care.

A fast snack, dine with friends, couple dinner. A quiet afternoon, a relaxed after work. The pleasure of a good wine, of an informal pause.

Le Bouchon is an authentic space and flirty with an intimate ambience and attentive service

We are wishing to win you over!

Happiness tastes better if It's shared

Le Bouchon Menu

The menu

Without giving up on the classic tapas and traditional dishes, Le Bouchon combines a variety of Mediterranean proposals with local ingredients, recipes with international touch and the quality stamp chef’s Xavier Lahuerta.

Welcome to Le Bouchon. Order a glass of wine, your beer or a cocktail. Enjoy our little restaurant and gastronomy.

Le Bouchon Barcelona
Chef Xavier Lahuerta

The Chef

Heir to his grandmothers' passion for cooking, Xavier Lahuerta (Barcelona, 1975) made a change in the course of his career through renowned chefs kitchens such as Xavier Pellicer, Santi Santamaria, Carles Gaig, Ferran Adrià, Carles Abellán or Jean Luc Figueras, to widen his horizons and make a qualitative leap in his profession.

With an intuitive personality, he is not afraid of challenges, especially those that allow him to be authentic and connect with people. Because that is what his cuisine is about, quality and emotions.

Mercer Barcelona Executive Chef since 2019, Xavier Lahuerta is responsible for the menu at Le Bouchon - hotel's gastrobar.

The chef Xavier Lahuerta
Mercer Restaurant

Mercer Restaurant

Located inside the Mercer Barcelona, Mercer Restaurant is one of the hotel and city hidden treasures.

A truly unique space, surrounded by the history of old Barcino, where architecture and design go hand to hand with haute cuisine.

Chef Xavier Lahuerta proposes his contemporary cuisine with a Mediterranean soul: A refined and balanced gastronomy with selected ingredients, which can be enjoyed as a tasting menu or à la carte.

Wednesday to Saturday, from 13 to 15.30h. Tuesday to Saturday, from 7pm to 10.30pm. Closed on Sunday and Monday.

Our Menu

or on the T. 933 107 480

Mercer Restaurant

The Mercer Restaurant offers different rooms -such as the one located in one of the 76 watchtowers of the ancient Barcelona’s Roman wall- that can be partially reserved or exclusively privatized, to host small professional o social celebrations. With a personalized attention, a variety of menus as well as an impeccable service.

Enjoy the flavors of Xavier Lahuerta's cuisine in a unique space in Barcelona.

Request more information about spaces and menus: restaurante@mercerbarcelona.com

Contact us

or on the T. 933 107 480

Mercer Restaurant


Calle dels Lledó, 7. Barcelona
T. 933 107 480


From Monday to Sunday, From 12.30pm to 4.30pm and from 6.30 to 11pm.


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Le Bouchon Barcelona